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Kwang S. Kim received his Ph.D. degree from U.C. Berkeley. He was a postdoctoral fellow at IBM and a visiting professor/scientist at Rutgers University, MIT, and Columbia University. He was a professor at Postech, a distinguished professor at UNIST and the director of Center for Superfunctional Materials at Postech and UNIST. Currently, he is a research professor at UNIST. His research interest includes design/development of catalysts, batteries, and solar-cells using first-principles simulations and machine learning.

Research Interests:

Current Research: Machine learning [Sparse Gaussian Process Regression (SGPR), Universal Machine Learning First-Principles Potential/Forces, Super AI], Quantum computing

Theoretical/computational chemistry/physics (density functional theory, ab initio theory, tensor network, molecular dynamics, phase transition, transport phenomena, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, deep machine learning, quantum information)

Nanosciences (functional molecules/materials, molecular engineering, sensing, nano/molecular electronic/spintronic/photonic devices, light harvesting, quantum dots, graphene/CNT devices, ultafast DNA sequencing, nano-surgery (molecular robot)

Energy materials & Green chemistry: Catalysts, Battery. Solar Cells.

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